Wacky Tricks for Cleaning Gutters—Plus 1 Good Idea

Wacky Tricks for Cleaning Gutters

Since having a fully functional gutter is key to have a happier and healthier homes, homeowners consider gutter cleaning an indispensable part of home maintenance. As gutter cleaning involves extensive labour along with the use of ladder, not many people love to do this job on their own and ask for professional gutter clogging solutions to avoid the blockage of gutters. Despite the unfavourable nature of the gutter cleaning job, it is necessary to keep the gutters clean to avoid a lot of unpleasant things.

If you maintain a gutter in an ideal way, you are less likely to suffer issues like dirt accumulation, gutter blockage, overflowing, and others. In the case of an improperly maintained gutter, homeowners are likely to face quicker deterioration of their properties due to the gutter’s inability to direct away the rainwater. This water then gets accumulated and degrade things including the home’s basement. A clogged gutter can do significant damage to the structural integrity of a property. Irrespective of our location, it is strongly suggested to clean your gutters at least two times a year. Preferably, one at the termination of fall and next in the first few days of spring. However, if you live in a place that has lots of tress, you may need to do it more often.

Now, when it comes to cleaning gutters in an effective way, there are several creative gutter solutions available to choose from. Though the most commonly preferred solutions involve the use of ladders, protective gloves, and a bucket. But, recently, several clogged gutter solutions. Here, we have presented some of the best gutter cleaning tricks :

The best gutter cleaning tricks

1. Blown Away

Blown Away
Blown Away 1

The use of a leaf blower to collect the leaves lying on the ground is nothing new. A leaf blower is a tool that throws pressurized air that can be used to cover a large area for leaves collection. In the case of gutter cleaning, this tool can also be used to throw the leaves out of the gutter. All you need to do is to use an extension to increase the reach of the blower beyond its standard reach. You can easily find get a leaf flower from the nearby supermarket or order it online from various utility stores

If you don’t want to use a leaf blower, you can instead use a vacuum machine. Just swap the hose points, and reverse the function of a vacuum machine to turn it into a blower. The disadvantage with this approach is that while blown air can remove dry leaves and twigs, it cannot eliminate stuck dirt or decaying organic material. Do keep in mind that reaching the gutters necessitates the use of a ladder in high-rise structures. Scaling an extension ladder may be perilous for anybody in any situation. But climbing a ladder while wielding a leaf blower? That is something that must be avoided.

2. Water Streams

Another interesting way to clean out the gutter is to use precise streams of water to wade off the stuck debris from a clogged gutter. Your job is nearly done if you have a garden hose is attached to an external spigot. An extended, preferably telescopic hose wand with an inclined, downward-pointing spray nozzle may also be needed. If your hose attachment isn’t long enough or has the wrong nozzle, you can shop for a matching extension. Do remember that while this option is effective—particularly for clearing up downspouts—you are most likely to get drenched during the process. So, wearing a raincoat is utmost necessary before you go with it. Expect to rinse or scrape mud off your roof and exterior walls, as well as portions of your grass, hardscape, and planting areas.

3. Manual Labor

Manual Labor
Manual Labor

One proven way to get rid of clogged gutters is to remove them manually using a steel wire and long wooden shaft. These tools can easily found in the backyard as they are frequently used by gardeners and landscapers. These tools usually extend up to a lengthof 6 feet without presenting bending and stretching issues.

A cultivator is a wonderful tool when it comes to cleaning gutters, particularly, when the home is not multi-storeyed. One issue with going with this option is that a cultivator doesn’t remove the stuff stuck inside your gutter but makes it move around your house. You would have to go extra mile to clear the debris smartly. Its primary job is to displace the debris from its primary position. So, you may need to use it more frequently to get the desired results.

4. Smart Gutters

Smart Gutters
Smart Gutters

Last but not the least, make the use of smart gutters that are not only sturdier but seamless which makes them away from clogging issues. This way, you can ensure better protection of your property without worrying about occasional gutter cleaning. In fact, some people that when you use them, you won’t have to do gutter cleaning ever.

The Conclusion If you are among those who like to do gutter cleaning on their own, you can opt for the aforementioned methods of gutter cleaning. However do remember that it is a kind of job that can be done best by a professional gutter cleaning solutions provider.



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